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CAReer - The Top Talent Program 全球管理培训生项目招聘

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You've already achieved a lot – that's a good start. Now is the ideal time to kick-start your long-term career with Daimler, with CAReer, our international trainee program. You get to know the company inside out. And you quickly learn where you can really make a difference.
Welcome to the real business world. CAReer doesn‘t offer things like management games. Instead, it has actual, challenging project assignments. Their aim: to provide you with the best possible preparation for a position as a manager or specialist with Daimler. You spend 15 to 18 months working in different divisions and departments – worldwide – while already benefiting from an official employment. Right from the start you take on responsibility, solve problems and work on innovations. This allows you to get to know our corporate structures, our strategies and our products quickly and in great detail. CAReer also enables you to lay the foundations for your own personal network within Daimler: during three intensive training courses you meet managers from different countries as well as other international CAReer trainees.
Program structure
The CAReer trainee program lasts between 15 and 18 months, from the date you join until you take up your entry position. It comprises at least three project assignments, supplemented by a number of training modules. At the end of the program, you are ideally placed to meet demanding challenges within the company – both at professional and at personal level.
'On-the-job' project assignments
Three to four coordinated projects in a variety of functional and business fields in China and abroad: You gain practical experience, develop your skills – and get to know colleagues from other countries and cultures.
You start off with an assignment in the function for which you originally applied. This is followed by a 'cross-unit' assignment, where you work in a different business unit and learn to think – and act – in an interdisciplinary way. Your international assignment allows you to gather cross-cultural experience and to get to know Daimler from a global perspective. Where appropriate, there may be a fourth project in your functional chain.
'Off-the-job' training
In addition to the practical experience of the project assignments there are also national and international training courses and workshops. These are ideal for acquiring important methodological and cross-cultural skills. These courses are supplemented by a production or dealership assignment.
Your best opportunities for networking are as you get to know people more closely on the 'Getting Started' course, during work and discussion on the international 'Crossing Borders' course and on the 'Keep Moving' course that takes place after the end of the program. All of these provide a chance to exchange views with managers and colleagues. You are able to intensify your contacts, hone your interpersonal skills – and develop further as an individual. The focus always remains the same: management topics and work-life balance. For your professional and personal goals.