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R&D China - Overall Vehicle Department

“Overall vehicle department, where you burn your gasoline in blood!”

Our permanent goal is to secure the best customer experience in China at Mercedes Benz product with specific customized highlights to fulfill Chinese market’s unique requirements.
Therefore we would like to have you to be able to transfer those Chinese voices into the engineering language and systematically verify them with the very expertise.
Here, Overall vehicle Design offers you the platform to discover the very first impression of upcoming new vehicle features in a digital world. At the same time, variety test events of Overall Vehicle Testing would give you more opportunities to stay with our early phase product through the daily routine, your role is to act as a very critical customer to validate every single function under the microscope from Engine, Chassis, Powertrain, Interior, Exterior, E&E and NVH perspectives. Working location is not limited to your own office desk. Your footprints are spread to different testing facilities, like climate chamber and proving ground.
In a race against time and mileage, you will be driving the very first Mercedes-Benz prototypes with our Endurance Testing engineers across China through the cold, heat, high altitudes and humidity. From Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Hainan, from Heihe to Chongqing, you will be part of the extreme testing in order to best adapt the Mercedes Benz product to Chinese specific conditions.
In order to present the masterpiece of intelligence and the most outstanding highlights of the product, you will be honored to join Press Event Support for technical back up and introducing the features under the world’s spotlight.
For issue tracking and get problem solved in the timely manner, you will be working together with Quality and vehicle management to track every single topic. The very close contact is build up between two important counter-parts as Daimler AG and our joint venture BBAC and there you will be the bridge in between.

This is RD C/OV. Join us and burn the gasoline in your blood.

Overall Vehicle Testing Engineer (Interior and Exterior)
Overall Vehicle Testing Engineer (Powertrain)
Overall Vehicle Testing Engineer(NVH/Measuring Technology)
Engineer for Overall Vehicle Testing Committee (ESK)
Overall Vehicle Testing Engineer (Telematics & Infotainment)
Overall Vehicle Testing Engineer (Chassis and Suspension)
Vehicle Endurance Testing Project/Operation Engineer (Assistant Manager)